A Success Story Made Possible by Tradesman App

A Success Story Made Possible by Tradesman App

Published on: 08-10-2014 | by Misty in Tradesman App, Apps for Tradies, Tradies App, Paperless, Enterprise Mobility

Everyone loves to hear about success and to hear other people’s stories. For most people, success stories are a reason for them to try and reach further for their goals in life, such as financial success. Let us take the story of Josh, whose name we are withholding, from Wichita, Kansas.

Josh begun as an apprentice for a local tradesman and, after years of accumulating experience, he decided to get formal education to further his skills. He was encouraged by the master tradesman, he was working with. After several years, when his senior retired, Josh decided to start his own tradesman company with the blessing of his senior. More or less, Josh was taking over the reins of his senior’s business but branding it as his own.

Josh Made the Right Investments

The secret behind Josh’s ultimate success is that he made the right investments in the beginning. When he started his business, he had the advantage of being able to access new technologies and solutions for business including the Tradesman App for mobile devices.

At first, Josh was apprehensive about the technology because it’s new, and he had no idea that mobile devices can actually be used in certain business applications outside of sending SMS and making calls. But, after seeking out help and reading some informative articles, Josh was ultimately convinced that the paperless solutions that the Apps for Tradies represent are indeed noteworthy and could be beneficial for business. So, as they say, the rest is history.

What Josh Says About the App

“I was blown out of my mind when I understood the whole picture,” Josh relates. “I started with around two teams with five people each but, even then, my experience has showed that it is difficult to manage those remotely.” However, he says, when he had decided to implement the Tradesman App in his new tradesman business, he knew he had the ideal solution in his hands.

Now, Josh manages up to 10 teams and around 50 people spread out across 3 projects in Wichita alone. He enjoys the flexibility, transparency, and the ease of management that the app gives him. He now knows whether or not his team members are slacking off or not, even if the foreman does not tell him. One look at the Portal, and he knows when they are not possibly doing their job well – time-wise – judging from the time gap in between status updates and report submissions.

Aside from that, Josh notes how easy it is for him to generate accurate, paperless reports for his clients using Tradies Apps and its accompanying system. With enterprise mobility in full swing in his business, his teams can just generate reports and needed information through their mobile phones and submit them to his database in real time. If a client decides to ask for information in the middle of the day, he can just send the requested info within, at most, an hour. “My clients are very happy, and they refer contacts to me if they need a tradesman to do the job,” Josh happily reveals.

Every businessman deserves to achieve success, and that includes you. Find out more about our Tradesman App. Take our tour today!

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