Frequently Asked Questions about the Apps for Tradies

Frequently Asked Questions about the Apps for Tradies

Published on: 01-10-2014 | by Misty in Apps for Tradies, Tradies App, Tradie App, Enterprise Mobility, Paperless

One day you wake up and you have somebody call you about a technology that they say is ‘cool’ and should be ‘in everyone’s list…’ if you’re in business, that is. This technology includes the Apps for Tradies that are definitely rising in popularity these days, especially since mobile devices are now catching or have even overtaken desktop or laptop computers in the public’s preference for data access devices. It’s in their portability, but that’s another story.

Why Are Apps for Tradies Becoming Very Popular?

Well, the Tradies Apps , is not only popular because people say so. It is popular for a reason! Of course, you’re a businessman so it’s quite natural to ask questions. We will show you some of the questions that your fellow tradesmen have expressed before they saw the light and invested their money on the app.

Common Doubts Raised by Other Tradesmen on the App

The following are the doubts that other tradesmen have brought up when asked about what they think about the Apps for Tradies:

“Can it be hacked?”
The Internet and perhaps other computer-based technologies have indeed made some stumbles early on, especially in security. However, it has been more than 15 years since the Internet – in which the app’s functionalities rely – has been introduced for public use, and it’s a lot more secure now. The Tradie App has a built-in three-level security system to prevent unauthorized access, so your data is safe with us.

“I’m not good with electronics.”
We understand that you are more skillful with power tools; but, you need not learn anything in order to use this app. The process is very user-friendly. You do know how to use your mobile device? There is no need for extensive training on how to use the Apps for Tradies and achieve full enterprise mobility – a half day or, at most, a day of orientation would be enough for you and your tradesmen employees to learn how to use the system.

“We already have a computerized system.”
That’s good. But, installing the app will build up or add on to the capabilities that your existing system gives you. For example, the database and user integration system that you have can be seamlessly integrated into the system for this Apps for Tradies. For instance, you would still need a desktop or laptop computer to access the Web-based Portal.

“Is it expensive?”
Sometimes, it’s good to look at not just the price but also the value that you can get out of what you are investing in. The app gives you a paperless solution – that alone can save you money – that can improve the efficiency of your existing workflow, all at a reasonable price.

Of course, these are only four of the common concerns that other tradies have brought up about the app.

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