How the App for Tradies Combines Client Relations and Management

How the App for Tradies Combines Client Relations and Management

Published on: 24-09-2014 | by Misty in App for Tradies, Tradies App, Tradie App, Paperless, Smart Forms

Back in the day, it was important to keep client relations and day-to-day management separate. That is why most big companies nowadays prefer to outsource their technical support and customer support relations to third parties. However, if you are just a startup tradesman, that can be very expensive for you. Did you know that you can achieve the same thing for your small business using the App for Tradies?

A Sample Scenario – Without the App

The Tradies App is designed to speed up reporting, as well as streamline the entire management process for your tradesman company; but, it can also do more than that. You see, central to its capabilities is its real-time submissions and its three-level security. In other words, you are making information ready and available not only for you, but also for your clients.

Let’s take this scenario for example. Let’s say your current system requires your foremen to make reports only at the end of the day because it wastes a lot of time for him to inspect each aspect of the project and make a report back. He would be more useful initiating the work on these parts of the project right at the end of the day and overseeing their progress so he can make a report at the end of the day. Without the App for Tradies in your company, you have no choice but to stick with this system.

Now, what if a client suddenly calls and asks for an extensive report on how the building construction is doing? If your foreman had assembled the necessary information at the start of the day, you can give the report right away yourself. Of course, a good businessman has to be proactive and the report that he sends must be accurate and up to date. Installing and implementing the Tradie App in your tradesmen company will make that possible for you.

How the App for Tradies Helps

We have discussed in previous articles how the app makes real-time reporting possible. The good thing about the real-time reporting processes using the App for Tradies is that they are time-saving. Being paperless, there are pre-designed smart forms that the teams simply download, and fill up when it is time to make reports. The actual filling up of information takes no more than ten minutes, and the receipt of the reports less than five minutes.

When you invest in this App for Tradies, it means that now you can request last minute reports from your staff and compile the information into a coherent report that you send to your clients in at most an hour after your client calls to make the request. You can also be sure that these reports are accurate, making them and your company, by extension, reliable and trustworthy.

Do you want to add those adjectives to every report made for your tradesmen company? We will be happy to discuss what help the App for Tradies can provide for you in achieving that goal.

Discover how the App for Tradies combines client relations and management. Take our tour today!

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