How the Tradesmens App Saved a Tradesman’s Business

How the Tradesmens App Saved a Tradesman’s Business

Published on: 15-10-2014 | by Misty in Tradesmens App, App for Tradies, Apps for Tradies, Mobile Forms, Mobile Workforce, Paperless

Every businessman, regardless of the niche that they are transacting in, lives in fear of losing money. After all, this will be the death of their business and their dreams of achieving success and financial independence. For a tradesman, one of the situations that could result to his business losing money is when the business misses deadlines due to errant behavior by the employees.

This is the story of Martin of Philadelphia, whose tradesman business nearly bit the dust when his employees started slacking off in one or two projects. Martin himself admits to being lenient, as he doesn’t want to arouse enmity between himself and his teams on the field. It seems, however, working in reverse for him. “My workers started taking advantage of that,” he relates. “But my concern really is how I can eliminate their ability to make excuses why they have been slacking off. So I invested in the Tradesmens App.”

What Happened Next?

What Martin did after investing in the App for Tradies is to set up a transparent system of reporting. He looked at existing systems of management in other tradesmen companies or even businesses in another niche. He took advantage of the app’s mobile forms and required his teams to make a Start of Day report complete with images that will support their reports. This way, Martin was able to gauge the actual productivity on the field and was able to spot problems.

With the system in place, the Tradesmens App forced Martin’s mobile workforce to step up their productivity. It did not come exactly overnight, but, with the constant reporting and Martin’s proactive approach in addressing workforce deficiencies, the employees gradually adopted the mindset of being as productive as possible. If they slack off, it will be evident in the Dashboard or Portal, and will invite questioning from Martin himself or anyone in the human resource staff. If there are problems that cause inevitable delays, they can simply take a snapshot of the situation, file the report, and it can be addressed properly.

“I just hope they didn’t start thinking of me as Big Brother,” Martin says with a laugh. “But the paperless system of this Tradesmens App really did a lot for me back there.”

Confidence Regained

With the help of the app, Martin has not only regained lost money but also gained more confidence in himself as a manager and an entrepreneur. Of course, he is also confident in his teams that they would learn to be more productive. If they don’t, they will always have the Tradesmens App to remind themselves of their lapses in productivity.

Martin is only one of the numerous tradesmen and entrepreneurs that have benefited greatly from using the Apps for Tradies. You can learn more about how this app can help you out as well.

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