Three Miracles Made Possible by the App for Tradesmen

Three Miracles Made Possible by the App for Tradesmen

Published on: 22-10-2014 | by Misty in App for Tradesmen, Tradesman App, Tradie App, Paperless, Mobile Workforce

Miracle may sound like an overstatement for some people; but, when you see radical changes in a business’ operations and performance in subscribing to a specific service, ‘miracle’ might just be the appropriate term to refer to that service. The App for Tradesmen could be considered as such, especially when it has totally revolutionized the systems of each and every one of the companies that paid for the service.

So what exactly are these ‘miracles’ that we are talking about here? What great stuff can tradesman expect out of this App for Tradesmen?

Improvements to Your Company’s Workflow

Here are the improvements that tradesmen who invest in this Tradesman App have been able to enjoy out of their investment:

A 100% transparent reporting system
Transparency has always been a problem for tradesmen. How can managers know exactly if their teams are being productive on the field if they are not monitoring them on location? The paperless and instant reporting system that comes with the app, however, will ensure that everyone is transparent and not trying to game the system for their own benefits. The app guarantees that you can monitor everything about your workforce, including the actual turnaround time for each task.

Accuracy in reporting
Before the App for Tradesmen became available to the market, reports are only accurate for at least 8 hours or so since they are only submitted at the end of each day. With the app, however, you can request a report from your mobile workforce anytime. You simply send them a form to fill up using their mobile devices, and send them back to you when done. The turnaround time varies from business to business; but, for tradesmen, it shouldn’t take more than an hour for your teams to assemble the necessary information.

Improved over-all productivity
Last but not the least, the efficiency of the reporting using the Tradie App will also have effects on your overall productivity. Real-time reporting will allow you to spot problems in productivity that would need to be addressed, or, at the least, will allow you to gauge just how productive your teams are and if there is room for improvement.

These Improvements Make the App Really Worth Buying

Given these three improvements, it should come to no one’s surprise that more tradesmen are deciding to implement this system in their respective businesses. We can, of course, help you learn more about how the App for Tradesmen can improve the way you do business, and how it guide you on the path to success.

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