Tradie App Can Make Your Work More Convenient

Tradie App Can Make Your Work More Convenient

Published on: 10-09-2014 | by Misty in Tradie App, Apps for Tradies, Mobile Workforce, Paperless, Digital Forms

When you need something to be done, who do you call? Of course, you call somebody who is an expert in these fields. For housework, you typically call a ‘tradesman’ or, rather, a ‘tradie’ as they are more affectionately known. A tradesman like you is certainly in demand, particularly if you have many skills at your command.
This can actually make life a bit harder on you if you’re pursuing this as a business and you do not have the tools that can help you with your tasks.

No tradie would be stupid enough to take on a job without the necessary tools; but, the requirements change if you pursue this as a business. Whether you are an electrician, a carpenter, or someone who’s handling a group of these two skilled personnel, you need excellent management tools like a Tradie App.

Your Mobile Phones or Devices Are All You Need

We are in an age where technologies for entrepreneurs are within easy reach. To use this Apps for Tradies, your only investment is in mobile devices that can handle smartphone capabilities. These devices are what your mobile workforce would need in order to access the capabilities of the Tradie App, which include the following:

Secure and paper-free reporting
You can now say goodbye to paperwork that your carpenters or electricians used to conveniently lose or forget about along the way to a job. Reporting with the app is completely paperless. With the app installed on your employees’ mobile devices, they can now access digital forms that also serve as their job reports that they submit at the conclusion of each assignment.

Share and tag images on the go
As that song by Bread says, ‘A picture paints a thousand words.’ There are situations that tradies encounter when they are better off when they take a picture instead of writing a report about it. Now, with your very own Tradie App, your tradesmen can simply take pictures, upload them to the database, and tag them accordingly for future reference.

Inexpensive setup for the admin side
While the mobile devices are the centerpiece of the entire system, you still have the option to use the other features of the app using a desktop or laptop computer. You would need these devices, for instance, in order to access the Portal where you can manage and oversee your different projects and teams on the field. The good news is, you can control exactly how many computers you would need to invest in. One or two should be fine, making it a very inexpensive department to set up.

Should You Buy The App?

Every businessman, and you are not an exception, must face touch points in their management of their enterprise that requires them to make a choice. This is one of those touch points. Now, should you invest in the Apps for Tradies? Definitely! With a Tradie App in your arsenal, you have the means for effective management of your growing tradesman business, as well as a tool for more transparent and secure reporting, and convenient information sharing between you and your employees.

Discover new ways Tradie App can make your work more convenient. Take our tour today!

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