Tradie Pad Can Revolutionize Your Workflow

Tradie Pad Can Revolutionize Your Workflow

Published on: 29-10-2014 | by Misty in Tradie Pad, App for Tradies, Tradies App , Tradie App, Mobile Workforce, Paperless, Digital Forms, Electronic Forms, Smart Forms

If you are not open to introducing changes to your already established tradesman company, then you will certainly be left behind by your competition. Nowadays, most of your competitors have already revolutionized their workflows by investing in a Tradie Pad and the accompanying app. We hope that has piqued your curiosity, because we will be discussing with you an overview of the new workflow that you can enjoy when you invest in the app.

Take note, however, that this is just a basic overview. You can modify the system as you wish once you understand the capabilities of this App for Tradies.

The Basic Workflow

This is the basic workflow that you can base your final process on. With this basic workflow alone, you can already take full advantage of the capabilities of the app. Who knows what other stuff you can enjoy when you create a fully customized system using a Tradie Pad and the app?

Let us assume that you have issued mobile devices to your entire staff, and it is a 100% mobile workforce now. This means you can set up a basic paperless reporting workflow. First, you design the necessary forms to be used with the Tradie App because these digital forms are 100% customizable according to your needs. Whatever the reports that you want to receive from your team, you can come up with the necessary digital forms using the Tradies App.

Then, you send these smart forms to your workforce for them to fill out and submit as reports. With a tradesman company like yours, it would be a great idea to submit the following reports: Start-of-Day report and Task Completion reports. These paperless reports will help you determine what tasks your teams will be working on at the start of the day and what tasks that they have finished, as well as the amount of time required getting that job completed.

You Can Do More than Just the Basics

That is basically the groundwork that you need to know about when using the Tradie Pad and its corresponding app in your business operation. We would like to stress again that you get together with your management team and figure out more creative ways to utilize the capability of this program for the benefit of your business or organization as a tradesman.

It would be great if you can reach out to us and let us know about your current work process. With that, we can help you understand how you can use Tradie Pad to improve and, ultimately, bring your company closer to success.

Find out how the Tradie App can revolutionize your workflow. Take our tour today!

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