Why the Tradies App Goes Well with Your Growth in Business

Why the Tradies App Goes Well with Your Growth in Business

Published on: 17-09-2014 | by Misty in Tradies App, Tradie App, App for Tradies, Mobile Workforce, Paperless

When you’re a good tradesman and an excellent businessman, there’s no doubt at all about your success. Sooner or later, your tradesman business will grow and you will soon have an army of electricians, carpenters, and masons working for you and handling numerous projects for your company. At this point, you would have to make certain decisions or investments that will further sustain your company’s growth.

The Tradies App represents such an investment. This technology will make management a breeze for your admin staff. If you think, with your natural talent at business, that your management is already a breeze by itself, then you will find that investing in this app will take your business to further heights.

Areas that You Can Improve on

Growing your business means setting up several new departments or getting new processes in place in order to keep the whole organization functioning smoothly. Unfortunately, without tools like Tradie App in your arsenal, that would be undeniably difficult. This is because the App for Tradies will help you out in smoothening out the following areas of your business:

Monitoring status of individual tasks in a project
With this app in your arsenal, you will be able to enjoy micromanagement capabilities like never before. Not only can you view the status of every individual project through the Portal, you can also use the Tradies App to drill down to individual tasks in the project. The best part about this is you can take in everything at a glance.

Knowing exactly if crews are being lazy
A tradesman will always have to deal with that. Some workers may be playing the rules, and are circumventing them in a way that they can take it easy one day and go hard at it the next. That is detrimental to business, of course, because tradesmen will always work with strict schedules. With your mobile workforce being compelled to submit reports at preselected times, you can gauge exactly the progress of each team through the Tradies App.

Real-time management
Best of all, everything that has been described above happens in real time. Reports arrive instantaneously, thus you can be sure that the updates that you look at are accurate to at least two or three minutes. That helps you measure total productivity to further improve your company’s productivity.

Paper-free processes
Last but not the least, you can set up a really efficient workflow because of the lack of paperwork to be filled up and stored. The Tradies App is purely paperless; all reports are submitted through mobile devices.

Sustain the Growth of Your Business

As they say, strike while the iron is hot. When your business is in the inevitable path to success and growth, then investing in Tradies App is certainly the best choice you can make at this point.

Find out more ways the Tradies App promotes growth in your business. Take our tour today!

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